What Does The Red Balloon Family Actually Do...? Good question! We believe that we exist to “to create opportunities for everyone to discover and become who they were designed to be.” How that actually plays out on the ground happens in all sorts of different ways... For an individual... we might create an after school club for a child where they can meet with other like- minded children, make new friends and discover new skills and talents thatbuilds their self-esteem, or we might work with an adult to find an opportunity to volunteer in their local community. Or we might even offer a person paid employment and help them craft a brand new project under our umbrella then support them in becoming independent and running it themselves... For a church... we might help with administrative or strategic planning tasks, run training courses for volunteers and staff, pray and dream with team members, put together a community consultation and fundraise for millions of pounds to see a project come to fruition, or we might come and run the children’s and youth provision at a special church weekend or conference so others can be released into other roles or just take some time off. Or we might even get involved in delivering youth ministry or a community outreach project on a weekly basis with our own team to get something off the ground or reinvigorate an existing work that needs an injection of new life... For a community... we might make links with a local authority or voluntary sector organisation with similar aims and objectives to ourselves and work with them on large scale community events, or help build networks between different groups to encourage them to share expertise or resources. Or we might even form formal partnerships in a locality and deploy teams to run community facilities or regular events...We are a responsive, pro-active organisation who does not believe that one size fits all. We want to work in partnership with people and organisations who share our goals and passions and think that the glorious diversity of what we do echoes the way the whole world was designed to operate and function. What Does it Mean to be a ‘Christian Organisation’? It means in a nutshell that our beliefs are at the core of everything we do, but we aren’t out to hit anyone over the head with them! We wear our faith on our sleeve but have a heart to serve which means in practice we can happily interact and partner with secular organisations like local authorities and schools because while we might use different words to express it, we are all actually working towards what is considered the ‘common good’ - building up self esteem, passion and aspiration in individuals and strengthening, developing and building up communities. Where an activity that we run or partner in is directly faith-based and will have elements of Christian teaching and ideas communicated through it we will always clearly advertise that fact in advance. We have no interest whatsoever in ‘tricking’ people into being involved in Christian activities or shifting goal posts so things that seemed to not be faith-based suddenly start including a Bible study, if for no other reason than that is a really bad and counter-productive way of sharing what we believe in as it puts people’s backs up!
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