What films will you be watching at the holiday club? Unfortunately due to licensing restrictions we are not allowed to advertise on our website or any publicity outside that in our venue as to what our films will be. However, we are allowed to tell you if you ask us directly so if you are desperate to know in advance - just drop us an email! We tend to watch 15 minute clips from blockbuster hits, and even if its not your favourite, it won't really affect your enjoyment of the club as after a quarter of an hour we’ll move on to something different... Why have you given me a 'collection card'? For all families it is important that children go home at the end of the day with the correct adult, and for some families it is imperative that there are certain adults their children must not be released to. As such, when children are dropped off each day, the adult doing so will receive a named 'collection card' and their child will not be released to anyone except the holder of that card. If your child will be collected by someone else who you will not have the opportunity to pass the card to, you must tell the person who registers your child the name of the person who will be collecting and we will require that person to present some form of ID at collection time.In the event you lose or forget your collection card, we will telephone the emergency contact numbers you provided for the child to check your identity once all the other children have been collected. This is a blanket rule even if you are personally known to a member of our staff. What if my child has Special Educational Needs (SEN) or a physical disability? We want every child to be able to access our provision but hope that parents understand that in a large group setting some children would find it very difficult to cope. We would ask that if your child receives any additional SEN support at school or has an SEN Statement that you let us know BEFORE booking by email so we can communicate with you directly and assess whether we think they will be able to cope with and enjoy the holiday club. In some cases for an additional fee we may be able to provide a one-to-one worker so they can the best out of the week, and if your child is allocated the 'pupil premium' some schools may be able to partially meet that cost on your behalf. We only use venues which have full disabled access and facilities for children with restricted mobility but we would ask that you let us know on the child's registration form about their specific disability so we can ensure that they can be fully included in all the activities we plan. We are additionally able to make provision for children with some sensory impairment, but with any disabilities where your child requires significant additional support at school, let us know BEFORE booking by email so we can be sure that what we offer will be appropropriate for your child. We reserve the right to withdraw the place of any child where it is later found that they have significant special educational needs or a disability that was not disclosed to us before booking without offering a refund.    My family aren't Christians, is this club really for us? Yes! The Red Balloon Family is a Christian organisation, but we do a huge amount of work with schools and local authority-led projects so our team are used to working in environments where a multicultural, multifaith approach is necessary. As such, we know how to be very sensitive to the beliefs of others and do not want any child to feel like Jesus or Christianity is being forced on them - quite the contrary. We use stories from the Bible, we sing songs about God and we do have times where we might pray, but on all those occassions we would present them as 'this is a story that I believe is true, you might not, but it will make you think anyway!' or 'I believe when I sing this song, God can hear it, but if you don't, it's a great song with a good tune anyway!' or ‘we're going to chat to Jesus for a minute, if you don't want to, that's fine, you don't have to, but just take a minute to be quiet and think about what you've learned today while we do it...' We firmly believe that a coerced belief in Jesus where a child was somehow forced or emotionally manipulated into doing something they didn't want to do is worthless to God anway, so you can be sure that we would never take that approach towards any participant in any RBF activity. If you have any further concerns about this, please do get in touch with us and we'll happily answer any questions you might have. Perhaps our best answer to this is that we have had children from all sorts of other faiths including Muslims, Hindus, Jews and others and many, many other children from no faith background at all take part in simliar activities we have run in the past before and not once has a parent ever felt the need to complain about something that went on or something their child reported they had heard or done at a club. Who exactly is running the club? RBF activities are led by our highly experienced senior staff team assisted by a paid team of helpers all of whom appropriate training with children. We also sometimes have a small group of volunteers taking part as leaders, some of whom are young people who have taken part in other activities that RBF has run in the past. All our school holiday activities are run with a ratio of at least 1 adult to 12 children, and all paid staff and volunteers who are  of an eligible age hold a full, current Disclosure and Barring Service certificate (formerly CRB check). RBF holds full public  liability cover for holiday activities up to £10,000,000, and have appropriately first aid trained staff members available.
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